Presenting at the World Congress on Science and Football

Presenting at the World Congress on Science and Football

I regularly provide keynote presentations at coaching and sport science/medicine conferences. In 2011, I presented at the 7th World Congress on Science and Football on the link between sport science and coaching, and how the skills of both of these professionals can help each other. I have also presented to sporting professionals in the UK and Europe. In 2011, I was invited to present a keynote address on “Training Loads and Injury” and a practical workshop on “Game-Based Training for Improving Skill and Physical Qualities” at the Irish Rugby Football Union Sports Medicine Conference.

I have also presented on “Long-Term Strategies for Developing Skill and Physical Qualities in Football” at the Learn2Perform Conference in the UK, as well as provided a 3-day “Excellence in Football” professional development seminar for physiologists, physiotherapists, sports medicine practitioners, and coaches at Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital in Qatar.

Tim brings a wealth of academic and practical experience to the delivery of his lectures and workshops. His ability to transfer his knowledge and engage with coaches, players, sports medicine and fitness professionals from club to international level in the lecture theatre or the training field is second to none.

Garrett Coughlan, Medical Department, Irish Rugby Football Union

Tim has presented half day sessions at the two previous Learn2Perform high performance conferences attended by staff from most premier league football clubs. His wealth of knowledge and experience provides valuable insights into his research areas and his presentation style allows for a seemless link between theory and practice. Tim has a fantastic manner and is able to captivate the audience providing really first class learning. Delegates at both the Learn2Perform high performance & paediatric development conferences had nothing but fantastic feedback after Tim’s sessions and commented on how much they learned from him. I would recommend Tim in this capacity without hesitation and am hoping I can get him back to the UK this year to deliver at Learn2Perform’s next conference running at Wembley Stadium.

Mark Howard, Learn2Perform