Building in-house talent at the Memphis Grizzlies

Building in-house talent at the Memphis Grizzlies

In 2016, the Memphis Grizzlies approached Gabbett Performance Solutions to gain greater insight into Athlete Monitoring and the link between player workloads and injury. Up until this point there had been a misguided belief that (1) “Load Management” simply involved resting players and (2) high training loads caused injuries.

Tim worked with the front office staff (General Manager), high-performance staff (Director of Performance, data analysts, strength and conditioning coaches) and the Sports Medicine team (physical therapists and athletic trainers) to bring the latest research and practical tips on load management for basketball. In subsequent seasons he has played an important role in helping staff develop their skills as sport science practitioners. He is regularly in contact with team staff to discuss players who have recurrent injuries and find practical solutions to load management challenges within the sport.

Elegant in its simplicity, Tim’s Workload Monitoring research has provided our staff with foundational, ubiquitous, highly-applicable physical preparation concepts that permeate every level of our organization. His acute:chronic model delivers a common language for all stakeholders concerned with player health – sport coaches, clinicians, front office representatives, etc. And, most importantly, Tim avoids esoteric theory by offering concrete strategies for immediate implementation into any sporting environment.

Tim is a captivating, personable speaker, and his ‘Optimizing Athlete Performance’ workshop is the perfect venue to receive a synopsis of his valuable work. It’s one of the best investments our staff has made.

Eric Oetter, Director of Performance Memphis Grizzlies