Elegant in its simplicity, Tim’s Workload Monitoring research has provided our staff with foundational, ubiquitous, highly-applicable physical preparation concepts that permeate every level of our organization. His acute:chronic model delivers a common language for all stakeholders concerned with player health – sport coaches, clinicians, front office representatives, etc. And, most importantly, Tim avoids esoteric theory by offering concrete strategies for immediate implementation into any sporting environment.
Tim is a captivating, personable speaker, and his ‘Optimizing Athlete Performance’ workshop is the perfect venue to receive a synopsis of his valuable work. It’s one of the best investments our staff has made.
Eric Oetter, Director of Performance Memphis Grizzlies

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Gabbett at his presentation to the New York Football Giants on monitoring training loads for injury prevention and performance. Much like his data, Tim was well prepared and organized in his presentation. He conveyed his message in a clear and concise format. We gained valuable insight on many performance variables including the training-performance relationship, external loads vs. internal response, training loads and injury, and pre-season to in-season loads. What was particularly interesting to us was his research on acute to chronic loads and its effect on training. We were able to use his ratios as a guide to help us determine injury risk during the season providing another ‘piece of the puzzle’ in reducing injury risk. Following the presentation, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Tim on an editorial he had written titled “If overuse injury is a ‘training load error’ should undertraining be viewed as ‘criminal’?” Again, his knowledge and expertise in this area was outstanding, and it was a real pleasure to work with him and share ideas. I have found that Tim is passionate about his work, and will continue to advance his field for the betterment of all athletes and sports performance professionals.
Steve Kennelly, Head Athletic Trainer New York Football Giants

A smart coach once said a player’s availability is their best ability. Thus, proper training is the best method and should always be the foundation of injury prevention for every performance staff and team. Too often we spend so much time chasing injuries that have occurred by not having the proper data and process to educate coaches and drive change in workload management. Through working we Tim, we were able to develop and refine our workload management process ensuring we have effective and efficient data and data analysis plans to drive change, effecting the health of our team, which has a strong correlation to reaching the ceiling for on-field success. Best of all his information is research validated in an applied sports environment allowing us to bring academic quality information to the team performance environment effectively.
Ron Shinault, Head Athletic Trainer, San Jose Earthquakes

We used the services of Tim Gabbett to provide an independent assessment and critique of the high performance systems and procedures of the Bulldogs Elite NRL Football program. Tim was professional, diligent and provided a thorough report to the Club for future consideration. I would highly recommend Tim and his team.
Todd Greenberg, Former Bulldogs CEO (2008-2013) & Current Head of Football NRL

Tim’s dedication to the cause and attention to detail was clearly evident in my time working with him at the Queensland Academy of Sport. He had a willingness to be part of the ‘team’ and to ‘add value’ to the football program. This, together with his enthusiastic approach led to some important studies on footballers within the game including movement and decision making.
Mike Mulvey, Head Coach Brisbane Roar Football Club

I worked with Tim for a number of years while as an athlete at the Queensland Academy of Sport. Tim’s research and innovations had a massive impact on my career. He opened my eyes to game-specific training and how to technically and tactically change my way of thinking to improve my performances. He was always approachable and seeking my feedback in order to fine tune his approaches so that I received the best training tools to improve my performance.
Kate McShea, Former Australian Matildas International Football player

Tim Gabbett has performed various projects with the Melbourne Storm NRL and NYC squads. He has proven to be an invaluable resource to professionally develop our coaches and performance staff. Tim’s personal values of hard work, discipline, and persistence are strong character traits that fit closely with what we stand for as a club.
Frank Ponissi, General Manager Football, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club

I have known Tim Gabbett for over 10 years. In the last two years he has been a key advisor to me personally and to our research and monitoring programs set in place through Australian Cricket. Tim is a thoughtful and analytical sports scientist with a pragmatic approach. If an analysis or intervention has no interest or benefit to the team and/or coach then he doesn’t pursue it. His work on training load and performance and/or injury is recognised as world class.  He understands the multifactorial aspect of success in high performance sport and doesn’t become single minded.  He has been extraordinarily generous with his time and counsel. Tim’s advice and guidance has been invaluable to me.
Peter Blanch, Sports Science Sports Medicine Manager, Cricket Australia

Tim Gabbett has worked with our swimming squad at St Peters Western in Brisbane for 6 years through his association with the Queensland Academy of Sport. Our team benefitted from Tim’s expertise and I personally found Tim to be a tremendous resource to me as a Coach. His professionalism and attention to detail value added to our program and I believe made a positive difference to our program and contributed greatly to our success.
Michael Bohl, Australian High Performance Swimming Coach

Tim brings a wealth of academic and practical experience to the delivery of his lectures and workshops. His ability to transfer his knowledge and engage with coaches, players, sports medicine and fitness professionals from club to international level in the lecture theatre or the training field is second to none.
Garrett Coughlan, Medical Department, Irish Rugby Football Union

Tim has presented half day sessions at the two previous Learn2Perform high performance conferences attended by staff from most premier league football clubs. His wealth of knowledge and experience provides valuable insights into his research areas and his presentation style allows for a seemless link between theory and practice. Tim has a fantastic manner and is able to captivate the audience providing really first class learning. Delegates at both the Learn2Perform high performance & paediatric development conferences had nothing but fantastic feedback after Tim’s sessions and commented on how much they learned from him.  I would recommend Tim in this capacity without hesitation and am hoping I can get him back to the UK this year to deliver at Learn2Perform’s next conference running at Wembley Stadium.
Mark Howard, Learn2Perform

Tim Gabbett has a unique ability to combine his research skills with strong practical experience in the high performance environment.  He is accessible and has played an important role in assisting in the professional development of our coaches and performance staff.  Tim’s practical experience in skill acquisition and training monitoring has contributed to the provision of best practice coaching and sport science in our club, together with providing support and advice in our research area.
Glenn Stewart, High Performance Manager, West Coast Eagles Football Club

I have sourced the services of Tim for a number of years now in the area of research. Firstly during my years at Melbourne Storm (NRL) we conducted a study on workrate demands of different positions in rugby league, this information assisted me in prescribing loads for pre-season that were position and match specific. I have continued seeking assistance from Tim now at St Kilda FC (AFL) for research ideas. Tim is up to date with the latest research and is an excellent sounding board when thinking of ideas to improve performance.
Simon Kearney, Sports Science Manager, St. Kilda Football Club

There is a consistency around the way Tim operates.  He works hard for the team.  Day-to-day, you know he is going to give you 100%.
Wayne Bennett, Premiership Winning National Rugby League Coach

I have known Tim for several years and have used his expertise on a consultancy basis during that time. He has researched and published many interesting and relevant papers on rugby league over a long period of time.
Tim has developed an acute awareness of the physical and mental demands of playing rugby league at an elite level. His understanding of the game has meant that his studies are relevant and his findings insightful regarding the preparation for and recovery from the demands of rugby league.
Tim has always displayed an enthusiastic and thorough approach to any project I have been involved with and I would recommend him highly to any organisation seeking to improve performances on an individual or team basis.
Neil Henry (Assistant Coach QLD Maroons 2006 – 2009; Head Coach Canberra Raiders 2007- 2008; North Queensland Cowboys 2009 – 2013)

The Worcester Warriors employed Tim Gabbett to share his insights into training for the demands of rugby and developing and maintaining a winning culture. Tim understands sport and the information coaches need to know. Tim left our coaches feeling motivated and reassured that they were on the right track.
Nick Johnston, High Performance Director, Worcester Warriors

Tim provided an excellent session for the staff at our training ground. His knowledge of the area backed up with good science and lots of experience made for a thought provoking discussion. His acute understanding of the environment ensured that the presentations and ensuing discussions were relevant and productive. The whole session proved extremely worthwhile.
Jack Nayler, Sports Scientist & Conditioning Coach, Real Madrid FC

  Tim was asked by myself to present a workshop on ‘workloads and Injury’ to our staff at BWFC. Tim’s knowledge and experience inspired and provoked good debate from our Performance staff leading to a stimulating session. Tim offered practical solutions to key problem areas and gave us a different approach to think about on the areas of recovery and fatigue as possible indicators for soft tissue injury. He mixed sound and robust data with strategies to adopt in the ‘real world’ of elite sport. I would recommend Tim and his workshops to any sports teams and their support staff to enhance their working practices.
Mark Leather, Head of Performance, Bolton Wanderers FC

Tim’s workshops was well received from all staff involved in the medical, sports science and training delivery throughout the club.  The content provided a succinct overview of the research surrounding workload and injury risk in team sports with some pertinent take home messages.  The ability to discuss at length our own operations enabled an informal review of processes to be undertaken with insights towards the key steps required to move forward in this area to be made.  It was a worthwhile event, succeeding in bringing various departments together with the overall aim of enhancing the risk management of players.
Richard Hawkins, Head of Human Performance, Manchester United FC

 Tim’s workshop to the England Cricket performance team was excellent.  His take home message was practical and thought provoking, but well supported by top-class applied data.  He also really worked hard to tailor the content to our needs, working with us in advance of the day.  All in all, an excellent value day for us.
Raphael Brandon PhD, Head of Science & Medicine, England & Wales Cricket

Train smarter and harder is on the top of my list for movement and performance practitioners of all backgrounds! From slide one Tim brought high energy and his vast experience to elevate his content and methods on athletic performance and readiness. The practical break-outs really help connect the content of the evidence and concepts to the context of working with athletes and patients. Tim presents the material in a way that prepared us to immediately integrate key concepts into our work environments. My expectations were well exceeded! Thank you Tim!
Christopher J. Nentarz PT, CSTS, NASM-PES, NSTI. Owner, Move Well Physical Therapy