The Best Work with the Best

Tim Gabbett is continuing his work with the world’s best sporting teams.  He has just returned from working with the Charlotte Hornets, Cirque du Soleil, San Francisco Giants and Stanford University.  With expertise in workload monitoring and the physical demands of match-play, Tim is working with the team’s high performance staff to ensure players maximize training and game time.  Tim said “No team wants to lose their players to injury, and especially if those injuries could’ve been prevented through better player management. But that doesn’t mean we should be scared of training hard.  We work with these teams to prepare players for the most demanding passages of play, and to ensure that we look after the team’s most important assets – the players.”

The growing number of elite teams around the world looking to work with Gabbett Performance Solutions highlights the evidence-based, practical nature of Tim’s work.  “We are in the business of building teams up – keeping players injury free, helping them compete harder, and ultimately making the team better.  We aren’t in the business of confusing people or over-complicating performance.  We take real world evidence, from the best athletes and the best sporting teams – and we apply it in a practical, user-friendly way. We work with coaches and high performance staff to help them do their job better,” Gabbett said.  In 2018, Tim will be heading back to the UK, Europe and the US to continue his work with the world’s most elite sporting organizations.

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