Load Management: Training Smarter and Harder

Dr. Tim Gabbett has forged a career working with elite professional athletes while also publishing his research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. His Workload Management and Athlete Management Workshop, which has been delivered in 6 continents and 21 countries worldwide, combines the very latest scientific information on training with practical ideas that can be used immediately in the clinical setting, with athletes, or sporting teams.

This two-day workshop bridges the gap between theory and practice. Participants will gain hands-on experience monitoring training loads, designing session and weekly training plans, and providing training programs to meet the individual needs of athletes and patients. The workshop is presented in a small group setting, promoting interaction and discussion amongst participants, and allowing ample time for Q&A. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or simply want to gain some practical ideas to implement in your clinic, this workshop will help you to “build a training program from the ground up”!

Follow the links below to register for a workshop near you!

* Taiwan, ASIA (23rd-24th February, 2019): https://bit.ly/2SVHjkp

* Hong Kong, ASIA (2nd-3rd March, 2019): SOLD OUT

* Mumbai, INDIA (9th-10th March, 2019): Contact 8767432994

* Nijmegen, THE NETHERLANDS (3rd-4th May, 2019): https://bit.ly/2Gv0ufk

* Stockholm, SWEDEN (5th-6th May, 2019); TBA

* Bordeaux, FRANCE (10th-11th May, 2019): https://bit.ly/2xSNtmN

* London, UK (12th May, 2019); https://bit.ly/2tpgC9v

* San Sebastian, SPAIN (18th-19th May, 2019): TBA

* Istanbul, TURKEY (22nd May, 2019): https://bit.ly/2SUus1V

* Rome, ITALY (25th-26th May, 2019): https://bit.ly/2QW1Rpo

* Oslo, NORWAY (28th-29th May, 2019): https://bit.ly/2DOvdAf

* Milan, ITALY (1st-2nd June, 2019): https://bit.ly/2QW1Rpo

* Chicago, ILLINOIS (13th-14th July, 2019): https://bit.ly/2EeejfR

* Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (20th-21st July, 2019): https://bit.ly/2EdXeCs

* New Orleans, LOUISIANA (27th-28th July, 2019): TBA

* Madrid, SPAIN (5th-6th October, 2019): bit.ly/2FYTrZB

* Seville, SPAIN (12th-13th October, 2019): http://bit.ly/2FYBZ7u

* Helsinki, FINLAND (15th-16th October, 2019): TBA

* Brussels, BELGIUM (21st-22nd October, 2019): https://bit.ly/2SGLQbo

* Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (25th-26th October, 2019): TBA